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  1. The Create movie image button at the Add Video DVD layout window is grey. When I select the folder including the movie files, close the compilation and try again, then the folder is selected and the button isn't grey. When I select an other folder and then back again the same folder it is grey again. Sometimes selecting random folders with no dvd video files makes it active. It get always active with an empty AUDIO_TS folder. My o.s. is Windows XP x64 sp2 with all updates By the way, sometimes I get an R6025 -pure virtual function call runtime error. Edit: ouch.. At the end of burning my first dvd I got a "Device error:(16711680) Error closing DVD+R track.SCSI Pass-through Interface I/O Error. -0xFF001f" error just after writting lead-out and the dvd wasn't recognizable. Also the data size was reported at the cdburnerxp bar as 8027,78MB while my files were 4.207.325.184 bytes. That's with a NEC 3500 2.1B.
  2. Hi all. This is my first time using cdburnerxp. I thought it would be nice having a light and easy to use application to replace Nero for burning mu dvd movie backups. But there is no dvd-video option. So I would like this function in a future version. It would be usefull if the Disc informaton and the Media information button would show the disc's MID too and maybe have the same name. Also, the Recorder information and the Recorder info (-rmation missing?) button shows the drive's speeds in KB/s format which isn't as useful as the eg "16x" format. Best wishes for your new version. Edit: I just found that it can burn dvd-video. I think the option is almost hidden and the Create movie image button many times is just gray. Also it would be very infomative if it was mentioned in the Features webpage (which is missing the Blu-Ray and HD-DVD support too). Edit2: After burning -unsuccesfuly- my first dvd, I 'd like to add to the above the lack of device buffer level and current burning speed indication while burning.
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