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  1. I have found that if i eject and remove my U3 SanDisk, compilation runs fine and it then will at least start just fine. Harry
  2. Harrywg

    Not Responding!!

    FWIW, if I have my Verbatim U3 plugged in, I get the "not responding" message when selecting the data or audio compilation. When out all starts just fine. Doesn't make any difference if the launch bar is active or closed. Hope this info helps. Harry
  3. Harrywg

    Not Responding!!

    Doesn't help me out alot either. Any suggestions?
  4. Harrywg

    Not Responding!!

    I,m running CDBunerXP on a Vista Home Premium HP Box and have the same problem. Yes I did reboot. I had the identical problem with build 220. When I run VBTest first dialog says C:\users\Harry\Documents. Second dialog(Form) says nothing, it's blank.
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