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  1. I just installed ver. 4.0.020 and tried to burn a CDR in 2XA mode. The progress bar doesn't advance, and the burn 'hangs' and doesn't stop. I had to abort the burn and burn in mode 1. Only ver. 3 works in 2XA mode for me. *sigh* I use Windows XP Pro, and a Lite-On LH-20A1H drive.
  2. I just installed V. and tried to burn a data disc using Mode 2XA instead of Mode 1. I have an LG 8520B burner, and use XP Pro SP2, and .Net 2 Mode 1 works for me, but when I try to burn a data disc at 2XA Mode, the burn-progress-bar doesn't advance, my drive LED blinks like something is being written to it, and the progress numerical counter goes well beyond 4 minutes and doesn't stop. When I use CDBXP v. 3.x 2XA mode works fine. Any ideas? Thank you..
  3. Some additional 'news'... I tried to burn a data CDR without 2XA mode and it worked.. BUT the program doesn't 'see' my inserted CDR until I go from the first screen (add files, etc.), hit the 'burn' button (selecting the option to set 'settings'), and then I get an 'error' message saying that a CDR hasn't been inserted (asking me if I want to re-try)... I then select 're-try', and then it finally detects my blank CDR, and then I can burn my data disc (non-2XA mode). I want to be able to use 2XA mode since I burn alot of video files to CDR. I hope this additional info will help in debugging
  4. Hi... I was able to burn an audio disc without problems..but when I tried to burn a data disc, it failed. Here are the parameters I set beforehand: 1) 2XA mode, 2) 40x burn speed, 3) Buffer-underrun protect -on-, 4) verify -off-, 5) finalize disc... (also: My LG GCE 8520B drive supports 52x but CDBXP 4 doesn't recognize 52x for some reason..CDBXP 3 does). When I try to burn a data cdr, the burn progress bar doesn't work, and after about 3 minutes, I get this error pop-up window: Device Error:(403712) Could not write to disc (LBA: - 150 Length:26). Power On, Reset, or Bus Device Occur
  5. Hi Flo! Thank you!!! It seems there was indeed a conflict between CDBXP and my firewall! Everything works fine now ! -- Suhndog
  6. Hi Flo... Thank you for reading my posts and letting me know what that dll was for. Apparently, my error reporting prog. didn't help much. I still can't run the program without getting the above posted error. I hope you can fix it. Is there anything I can do to help you figure out the problem?
  7. I just ran a program that tracks errors in XP and this is what it reported regarding my previous message: CDBurnerXP;C:\PROGRA~1\COMMON~1\MICROS~1\DW\1033\dwintl20.dll;Microsoft Application Error Maybe that will help whomever is involved with fixing program bugs... ..... it seems the problem involves the dwintl20.dll -- any ideas?
  8. Hi, I also use XP Pro and version 3.xx works for me but the new release 4.xx gives me the same error when trying to run the program. I hope a fix will be coming soon. I have sp2, and .net 1 and 2 installed. I hope someone can help me (us).. Thanks ()
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