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  1. Flo, that's not the point: You want your users to report bugs, so don't tell them to stay away, because that's what you do in effect. And that's a message communicated on the contact page and on the development page as well. (And while writing this CDBurnerXP died on me again: Huh?)
  2. (First thing: Having to register for posting in a support forum is a pain in the butt.) 1) I burned an audio disc from vbr mp3 files. When putting the disc in my cd player i found there were long pauses between the individual tracks. "Long" as in "a couple of minutes". So instead of 40 Minutes it was 71 minutes long. Useless. 2) I tried to burn an audio disc from a different set of vbr mp3 files. The CD should have been about 70 minutes long, which CDBurnerXP showed correctly, but when starting the burning process, i was given an error message (in two languages BTW): So I wasn't able to burn that CD.
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