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  1. Awesome work Nucleo. I think you really nailed it. Although, I gotta admit, I loved your previous design. It was really refreshing to see an icon look more like a button. And it really had an epic, larger than life, feel to it. I'm curious, what tools did you use? Also, is this site using the wrong icon resolution icon for the favicon? It seems to be more pixalated than it appears in your images, but perhaps that just a difference with background colour.
  2. So do you want wings (i.e. something that looks like wings), or pieces of paper? EDIT: Sorry if it seems I'm being a nag. It's just that if you can nail down your requirements people can make sure the icons they make fit your criteria
  3. What part are you refering to as wings? I see a CD, "XP", a note of paper, music note on paper and a flame. There's no wings.
  4. Where can we see this icon with the wings? I have 4.0 and the icon is a burning disc, which is probably why you are getting so many people creating a generic burning disc icons I thought the icon on this forum was also a burning disc (although the flame is obviously simplified). Can you post a version of it?
  5. Flo, what don't you like about the current icon? What do you like in the current icon? What are you looking for in a new icon? What do you feel defines an icon for CDBurnerXP? For example, I would think the colour of the disc is significant and perhaps the direction of the flame. I think most submissions are going for more realistic detail compared to the icon you have now, is this what you feel is generic? Would you like something less realistic and stylised - like what you currently have but obviously using a different style that doesn't involve approaching realism?
  6. I'm not a designer, but I wanted to have a go http://www.microugly.com/temp/cdburnerx ... sample.png (pity we can't use IMG BBCode) This is technically unfinished, but I wanted to post something now for feedback.
  7. The next release is here and I can see a comment that says it can be ran from a USB device. But how? Do we set the USB drive as the installation path? Or do we simply copy the "CDBurnerXP" folder from "Program Files" (after we've installed it) onto a USB drive? Or is there a ZIP version somewhere that we download and extract?
  8. I've just installed CDBurnerXP ( on Vista and after burning the first disc I found that not all folders appeared. Specifically, I created a disc with two folders at the root. One folder I created on the disc whilst the other folder I dragged across from my PC. When I viewed the disc after nurning completed the folder I dragged across did not appear, although disc size indicated the files were there. This is what makes me suspect an issue with the Table of Contents, and when I did a "DIR" at a command line it listed one folder and then "File not found". I don't want to ment
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