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  1. May i ask why do you switch between donations and OC? I've noticed the donation button is back, so i thought i would donate later, but it is gone already. It's not that everyone wiould rush to donate money right away
  2. Have found an installer without OpenCandy http://www.cdburnerxp.se/en/download press More downloads option. Of course only advanced users will find such option. Most of users will be put off from the project after their antiviruses warn them. And Low status won't change their minds.
  3. Avira, McAffee and some other antivuris solutions has started to detect OpenCandy in ApexDC, soon they will get to CDBurnerXP isntallers. I'm not going to override my antivirus solution at home or at work. Will switch to some other burning solution. What's wrong with the Donate button? Good luck..
  4. It seems that this option (to remember last used device) has added some odd issue, that it also remembers the last used speed and doesnt suggest the best speed when i create new project. E.g. i burn DVD-RW at 4x, then i close program, open program, insert 16x DVD-R and press Burn, it burns at 4x. I think it should recheck the disc upon insertion and suggest the best/highest speed.
  5. I confirm this is now fixed. CDBurner remembers the last used device in Thanks.
  6. Well. I can tell the same, it doesnt remember the last recordng device for me too. Whether in the project window (where i'm adding files and folders in the bottom window and there is a combobox with drive selection), nor in the ISO burning dialog. I have CD-RW which is D disk i think (at wrk, so i cant remember for sure) and DVD-RW, which is secondary. CDBurnerXp always selects CD-RW, though i havent used it for years. I'm always switching to DVD-RW.
  7. I'm missing an option to select the default CD device for all new burning projects. As i have 2 devices (CD and DVD) and it's always selecting the CD one. Or maybe CDBurnerXp can just remember the last used device.
  8. Update Star looks like a copy of FileHippo Anyway, such services are good for MS or Adobe stuff, because there is no easy way to monitor that yourself. Some developers have a very tricky download schemes, so i can't monitor them easily with say Webmon. But i can't rely fully on those services (FileHippo, UpdateStar), because one day they maybe down and i will be left with no updates. One more thing about why i prefer only the notifications, is that i want to know what has been updated, what new version has appeared and maybe check the changelog. Havent tried Ketarin yet, maybe it doesnt only download, but notifies too.
  9. And i'm still using Webmon (and for many years now) Automatic donwloading could be great. But there are some issues. What if page changes something, what will happen with the download? In Webmon i get an error, so i know i have to check that page and my filter. Another thing is that i have my own setup naming scheme, and most of the software i monitor doesnt include version numbers with their setups. Too many problems will be for me. Good idea though, for some applications. But i already have 387 monitorings in my Webmon
  10. There is some inconsistency with the license. I havent checked the license for a while. Until today i have seen some changes in the changelog about this. So, the agreement screen in the installer says it's free for commercial use too. But then there is a CC license html in the program dir, that prohibits the commercial usage. Personally, "commercial" usage of the software was always a bit weird description to me. At first i was thinking that i cant install it at work. But now it seems to mean, that you can't do a profit from it. But how can one do a profit from a software? If you install it on a PC in a cafe, and you charge the money for using that PC, you are making the profit from a PC, not from a software. You cant sell it or a part of it, it's not wearing of and you dont have to buy a license to use it. Anyway. Now when we have two licenses, can i still use CDBurnerXP on the computers in my organization? We are not making a profit from our PCs (it's a social foundation actually), we are just using PCs to get our work done.
  11. Great both my reported bugs fixed !Fixed option "never ask for special files" !Fixed "All users" shortcut
  12. It's an old bug, but already archived, so i start new topic. Have installed latest version ( in a limited user environment with Run as (admininstrator rights), and there is no shortcut on that limited user Desktop. I have left default settings during setup (create shortcut for all users was selected). So, seems that it doesnt create shortcut at Docs and Setts\All Users\Desktop. Windows XP SP3
  13. just FYI, this is the same with And one more thing, it seems that this setting returns to default after upgrading CDburnerXP.
  14. Version (btw, can you put a version number back to the About window?). If i select "Never ask, always treat as normal file" in ISO dropping settings, it won't obey. Still asks to burn a compilation.
  15. wroot

    [C] No shortcut

    so with newer version it creates Program folder, but it doesnt put desktop shortcut to All users still
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