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  1. Hi. I'm using CDBurnerXP v4.5.2.4291 to copy a CD with 15 mp3 files. The first part (creating the image) finiished ok, and CDBurnerXP requested the blank CD, then as soon as I Inserted the CD and it was recognized, the attached error appeared (brief description of the error is in the topic title). Hope this issue gets solved and would like to know what caused it. Thanks
  2. TJ, welcome to the club I really hate that also, but according to flo, the CD Text feature could not be added yet because the SDK (software Developer Kit) used on CDBurner XP doesn't support it yet It's a shame, perhaps flo and all CDburnerXP user should press the SDK? if so please tell us at what email we should made that request to the SDK Regards
  3. CD-text, today, is a standar feature of almost all car stereos and stereos. It's very nice to be playing a CD and see the name of the artist/song/album, etc. I'm aware that CDBurnerXP is not able to do so since the SDK couldn't, but I guees the SDK developer should be contacted and insist to implement this feature. There are other freeware burning apps that already support CD Text.
  4. Hola yesseri. Quemaste los archivos en un CD? o en un DVD? En donde los quieres reproducir? lo primero es que veas si los qrchivis DVDrip que bajaste los puedes ver en tu computadora, si es asi entonces significa que estan OK las peliculas. Ahora, cómo quemaste los archivos? escogiste disco de datos? Saludos
  5. Is this issue being addressed? I tested the latest stable version: cdbxp_setup_4.1.1.660 and I noticed this issue is still present, I tested by copying several audio CDs, and with all of them the burning speed was very slow (like 1x) and the CPU usage very high. I even tried to copy the same audio cds to the same blank CD-R with other program and they worked fine. Thanks
  6. Flo !!! those are great great news !!! yeah, I was talking about audio cuesheets !!! Best regards and keep the great work !!! Hector
  7. Hi Jockel. I also use ImgBurn, but mainly for burning audio cuesheets since also cdbrunerxp doesn't support cuesheets. I think that this feature (burning multiple copies) among with burning mp4 files and cuesheets could be implemented on CDBurner XP, and by doing that, CDBurner XP will be one of the most complete and robust burning application that is not bloatware and also freeware. Regards Hector
  8. Hi. I don't know what do you think about implementing a Wizard for novice users in CD Burner XP? perhaps it could be integrated as an option at the start up of the program or as an additional shortcut/icon named like "CDBurnerXP Lite" or "CDBurnerXP assistant" or something like that. In my opinion this would be much appreciated for users that are not so familiar with the burning programs. It could be done in a step-by-step way, with very basic bot useful explanation on each step. Hector
  9. I'm also with the opinion to implement the selection of multiple copies either for ISO disc or Audio Disc. Hope to see this feature implemented in a near future
  10. I don't know much about mp4 format, but what I know is that audio mp4 files are either m4a or m4p. the m4a are the most popular and they are not protected (DRM-free) while the m4p are not so popular because they are protected (DRM copy protected content)
  11. It's a fact that Mp4 or m4a is not as popular as mp3 or other audio formats. but also many users that have mp3s also have m4a files, If CDBurner XP currently supports mp3, wav, ogg, flac and wma files, I think it would be great to add m4a support. If not such users will not be able to burn their m4a files directly and they would need to transcode them to mp3 or other compatible audio format with CDBurner XP and that means quality loss. anyway, that's just my 50 cents. regards Hector
  12. yesterday I was helping my wife to burn an audio CD from his audio files, My wife has her music in m4a format. I noticed that CDburnerXP doesn't support m4a audio files ! I think it should be a great Idea to have such support implemented, I think it's not complicated since as with other audio formats, just the Codec/decoder is needed. I hope to see this in a future release.
  13. I'm with you. CDBurner XP should support CD-Text. Today almost all CD players read the CD-Text on the dics to display the artist, title, etc. It would be great that CDBurner XP creates audio CD with CD text!
  14. Perhaps it could be implemented in order to check that the written data = stored CD/DVD image? Hector
  15. Hi. I've noticed that when you're copying a data or audio Disc, there are no option to Verify after write, this option is available when you're creating a data CD or audio CD, but not when doing a Disc-to-disco copy. Perhaps it could be useful to have this option?
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