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  1. Спасибо за замечания, перевод будет обновлен со следующего билда. Не все было переведено, т.к. почему-то для некоторых пунктов нету возможности перевода.
  2. Действительно, не заметил, что строка не помещается Исправлено. Хорошее предложение, исправлено.
  3. Предложения и замечания сюда, всё будет рассмотрено. Действительно, когда писался русик, то "количество" не вмещалось Запятая будет добавлена.
  4. Yes, I see that. But I can't do anything about. It seems like the translator of russian FAQ section has forgot about his job I'd better do the translation myself, but... I haven't so much time for now. If I'll get it then all will be done like it should.
  5. Не перевел из-за банального незнания этих вещей Поиск в Интернете ничего не дал. Уже переведено, спасибо. Вообще-то нужно писать в нужной части форума и на английском. Я всего лишь создал темку для перевода
  6. I've something like this. I've burned two DVDs with AVI files (11 elements in the root, nothing else). Disc opens normally, i see burned data, their sizes but I can't open or copy them. Even context menu didn't appears. If I try to copy them the message appears: "Disc structure is damaged/corrupted. Reading is impossible." What could this be? I've finished them, burned on 4x with ISO9660/Joliet. Discs are without any physical damages. Drive - LG H54N. Nothing like this was before.
  7. Installer tries to launch net.dll which can be used by NMSAccessU.exe. No other variants of this problem I can see. Is .NET Framework 2.0 installed?
  8. That can't be. Try to install on another computer.
  9. Must be C:\Documents and Settings\{USER}\Local Settings\Temp. Clear it all.
  10. You can't make bootable ISO of installed Windows. AFAIK it's impossible.
  11. Your drive is out of use. I have had the same. Buy the new one and have nice work with CDBurnerXP!
  12. No, you can use it freely but not for personal profit.
  13. Maybe it will be much better to place this item in the action selection dialog. P.S. What's the difference between simple burning AUDIO_TS/VIDEO_TS folders and that entry in the File menu?
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