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  1. how do you mean, everything went fine with the previous version. For now i installed version 3.0.116 again and everything is working fine again. Last night i was talking ot my brother and he was having some issues too. Saddly he did mail me the error he was getting, but from what i heard, burning a dvd got stuck at xx% and messed up the dvd-rw. When it happens again i'll ask for some screenshots.
  2. for some days i've been using this new version of cbxpp, at first al went well. But today i'm having some issues : 1/ tried to burn a dvd, then @ 63% i got an error Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library / Runtime Error / Program : C:\Program Files\CD Burner XP\cdbxpp.exe R6025 Source and destination file did not match, when i clicked ook, cd burner xp crashed 2° attempt : tried to burn 1file (700mb) on dvd, after burning and verifying it said "Source and destination file did not match" ? When i explore the dvd everything seems to be fine. Why this message then ? 3° attempt : starting from that same dvd, i tried to continue as a multisession disk, so i added 2.8gb to the dvd, burned the dvd, but when i explored the dvd, it was empty ? 4° after rebooting the pc, everything went fine again =>> ??? 2/ after erasing a dvdrw and the dvdrw ejects, i don't close cbxpp and i put the dvd back in, it recognizes the dvd as a cd. Have to close cbxp and chose "create cd/dvd". System Specs : Windows XP Pro + sp2 Shuttle SN25p Amd Athlon64 3000+ 1 gig ram (dual) Nec dvd 2510-a
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