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  1. Thank you for answering me, but could you be a little more specific on where to find info on how to "copy" a bootable floppy (with ALL its contents)? Best regards, Henrik Rosenø
  2. I have a bootable floppy diskette with a backup/restore program called Snapshot that I want to copy to a (bootable) CD to use it in a notebook PC without floppy drive. The only "thing" I have been able to do with CDBurnerXP v.4.0.015 is to create an .IMG-imagefile of the floppy, but I can only burn .ISO-files. I can't even convert the .IMG-file to an .ISO-file. What is wrong here? Is there something I have overlooked? I hope to hear from someone on this issue. Best regards, Henrik Rosenø
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