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  1. Ahhh, got it. Here ya go... [attachment=0]0001.JPG[/attachment]
  2. I see now that the 'error' is that when you try to load the saved compilation, it says that the .wav file doesn't exist. It also says that possibly it wasn't able to load it because the filename was too long. If you can tell me how to send you a screen shot, I'll do that. But why would you get an error message saying the .wav file doesn't exist, if it wasn't meant to exist in the first place?
  3. Ok, I get it. Good idea to specialize if quality is the goal. Thanks for the other software tips.
  4. When you save an audio CD compilation, it doesn't save the .wav files. When you try to load a saved compilation, you get a 'filename too long' error.
  5. It's your software, but I would have thought this was a pretty integral part of the program concept. Any particular reason you're not interested in this feature?
  6. Previous versions of CDBurner had a feature that allowed you to easily rip CD music to your hard drive. Does v4. allow you to do this? I can't seem to find that feature. I searched the forum for this info, but couldn't find anything helpful. Thanks!
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