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  1. Thanks Flo. When is new version due out? Is that next version of CDBurner or theirs?
  2. Funny Flo. Can't even talk to them without owning the product. Can't even get in the house to bully them. I assume you guys have posted something to them about the problem. Thanks for responding so quickly. Be well.
  3. Who is the burning library vendor. I assume you use a library in the program to do the burn functions.
  4. I get the message about my files being greater than 4.2G when trying to add them to the backup list. The files are 4G in size. They are backup images created by Acronis True Image backup software. Apparently the wrong byte count is being used to test the size. The message indicates 4294967296 bytes is the count for 4.2G. My files are 4.00 GB (4,294,967,296 bytes) in size according my file properties. Just to test it, I use a file splitter program to split the 4G file into 2 files. I was able to put BOTH the files on the backup list and burn a DVD. My question is, why can I add 4G of data (in multiple files) but not 1 file of 4G? Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong. At the least the message should say 4.00G (not 4.2G) for the byte count. Also my file is not greater that the bytle limit on the message, it is the same. Please help.
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