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  1. Favicon is 16x16 pixels size. Correct size. But maybe it would be better to make 16x16 icon FLAT (shown straight-on). Because 3D-LOOK (shown in perspective) is good for all larger icon sizes, but it is bad for 16x16 icon. If you turn on "Details" or "List" view in Windows Explorer (in ANY Windows version), you will see, that all 16x16 icons looks different. It isn't just scaled down 32x32 icons. They always create _another_ icon for 16x16 size. It should be simplified -- no shadow, less details, more generic. Look at those two pictures, and you will understand the idea: 1. http://msdn2.
  2. Oh, new CDBurnerXP build is 400 Kb larger! Too much even for Vista icon! CDBurnerXP icon is currently 400 Kb size. In earlier times, about 10 years ago, I was writing a tiny 5 Kb executables (pure Win32 API, compiled without RTL). Now imagine, what would happen, if I add a huge 400 Kb icon into 5 Kb executable. Freaky! ) Time passes, and everything changes... But I still love small apps, because small size means high quality. Anyway, CDBurnerXP is an application with a lots of data/audio burning functionality, whish is only 2000 Kb, and adding a 400 Kb icon into it is a crime! ) Too much
  3. 4-bit and 8-bit icons are REQUIRED by standards. You can create it in 15 minutes: 256-color icons: use Photoshop, remove shadows, create magenta background, do some work with icon edges (hardest part), flatten image, convert to 8-bit _WITH_ custom palette. 16-color icons: use "MS Paint", simply open photoshop's 8-bit bitmaps in Paint and save as 4-bit icons (Paint is stupid enough to create 4-bit icons _WITHOUT_ custom palette -- exactly what we need). In WinXP icon design guide, there is simple step-by-step instruction for 4-bit and 8-bit icons.
  4. Yes, but separately, I mean, not inside .ICO file. I believe, Nucleo will give you the source file also (in vector format).
  5. Hi all, I think, Nucleo icon is the best Flo, do you agree to make it CD Burner XP icon? This time say YES 2 Nucleo: Don't create 128x128, 64x64, 24x24 icons -- those sizes are not standard. Standard icon sizes (and color depths) are: 48x48 (4bit) 32x32 (4bit) 16x16 (4bit) 48x48 (8bit) 32x32 (8bit) 16x16 (8bit) 256x256 (32bit) 48x48 (32bit) 32x32 (32bit) 16x16 (32bit) Look here: Icon design guidelines (WinVista): http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa511280.aspx Icon design guidelines (WinXP): http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms997636.aspx Note: VIST
  6. Нихрена себе, такая ошибка на самом видном месте -- слоган на шапке сайта "...записуйте CD и DVD бесплатно!". Исправьте, срочно, слово "записуйте" на "записывайте".
  7. Hi, OK, I am a professional designer. I could create an icon according to all official Vista-compatible icon design guidelines (http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa511280.aspx). Do you want the same (or very similar) icon with BLUE disc, OR Vista-style METALLIC disc? I saw during CDBurnerXP install process, there is another "icon" with flaming metallic disc. Is it your new icon prototype? I could make a BLUE-METALLIC disc, should be very nice. I will send you the samples. BTW, who designed all the icons on toolbars and dialogue windows? All those icons looks very well.
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