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  1. It does make it easier... especially when you're leaving a big 10x copy running in the background as you're working... then the tray just ejects every now and again and you whack another disc in... seems simple but a good feature.. Also why no on-the-fly disc to disc? Is this a hard to implement feature? Many thanks
  2. Sorry don't know why i reposted this!?
  3. First of all just a thanks for a very excellent free package... I use CDBurnerXP all the time and recommend it to all my friends. Only thing is I do a lot of disc to disc copying and this is something where CDBurnerXP is lacking, I'm not sure if this is because it is difficult to implement? Anyway, I know that there is the copy to disc function but an option to specify the number of copies and maybe a on the fly copy option would be awesome. Many thanks Craig
  4. Firstly may I thank you on producing such a fantastic free product! I do quite alot of disc to disc copies and sometime need to do multiple copies, so to this end I was thinking it would be quite a nice feature to be able to specify in the copy ISO disc dialog the number of copies ?? Many Thanks Craig
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