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  1. You are right But why don't remove this "feature" ? ( here never worked )
  2. If you are using the latest CDBurner.. switch back to the previous one and retry
  3. Hello, I have serious problems with Vista 64 on Asus P5K-E WIFI/AP motherboard. The version is the latest one ( The 1st problem is coming from the GUI -> It's very very very very slooooow ( I think while "updating the compilation", it's still updating ! Switching back to CDBurner solve the problem ) The second problem is coming when I go to burn (with version CDBurnerXP try to burn ( on my two Pioneer 112L with IDE interface and the same problem on ASUS 1814BLT SATA ) but after a very looooong time I get some an error like this : "
  4. For me is the same ( I also have modified the email address for match the PayPal account used for the "donation" ( very small donation , sorry ) many thanks Alessandro
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