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  1. Well, as it tuns out, The old MOBO died completly and that explains everything.
  2. It simply says no disk present. The correct burning device is present and "CD buner XP" it lists all its data. Like I said, the burner works perfectly otherwise. It's not really a problem for me as I rarely use that particular sys for burning and the Win XP burning program works for it. I just thought you would like to know and wondered if any others had the same problem. UPDATE: I uninstalled CDbunerXP and installed another burning software that also has a diagnostic aspect to it. It gives me a "tracking sevor error" for the drive. I then tried the Win XP burning software agai
  3. There is really nothing to post in a screen shot. Everthing looks completemly normal . It just wont reconize when a disk is in the burner. The "no disk" notification is in the lower left corner as expected. If I try to burn a dics anyway, I get the expected "insert a disk" routine. It's an IDE Plextor DVD burner
  4. I have been using CDburnerXP for years and it has been working flawlessly for the most part. Thanks! However I had to reformat one of my sys for the first time in a few years. CDburnerXP was woking fine before the reformat with a older vers So, I reformatted and installed the latest build of CD burnerXP (as of 12/8/10). net framework 2 & 3 with all SP are installed. CDburner will now reconize my DVD burner but, it will not reconize a blank disk (CD or DVD). I tried all configurations I could think of. If it helps I can tell you that it burns fine with XP's default burning
  5. I guess we are not on the same page here. I'm just running Comodo Fire Wall and there are no problems. Perhaps you are refering to Comodo AV, etc?
  6. I'm running a dual boot sys (XP/Vista) with Comodo installed on both OS. CDburnerXP (latest vers) installed and runs without problems on XP and Vista. What kind of conflicts are you refering to?
  7. If I may.... If you are running XP, there is a extremly good freeware program called "CDex" which can rip CD tracks and automatically convert them (on the fly) to mp3 or some other audio formats. It also converts some audio formats to other formats. It uses the Lame mp3 encoder and will encode up to 320k. It is highy configurable and has never let me down. http://www.download.com/CDex/3000-2140_4-10055262.html "CDex" like "CDburnerXP" is a fantastic piece of freeware that I find indepensible!
  8. I also have always used a permanent marker to label disc for many years without any problems. Yeah, don't affix any paper lables on a disk.
  9. The newest version ( now allows you to burn VBR mp3s correctly. Yes, I understand it is a temporary "work around" until a better solution can be found. However it does work! Along with the other bug fixes, it is the best version yet. Thank you for the excellent software and frequent upgrades!
  10. Perhaps I can help? If the music you Dled is in "mp3" format, you simply choose "Create Audio CD" from the opening menu. Add the files and burn. This will create an Audio CD that can be played on a standard audio CD player. If you want to create a DATA CD that simply copies the "mp3" files to a disk, choose "Create DATA CD/DVD" from the same menu. It's all very simple really.
  11. I can't figure out how to do it either. Every time I highlight a folder to add it to my list of files to burn, it just opens and expands the folder. The only option I have is to add the files in the folder seperately and not the whole, intact folder. A great program otherwise. Joe EDIT: I found out what the problem was/is. You can't add a folder from the left hand Folder/Drive "tree" panel. Instead, you need to use the right hand panel and it will allow you to add intact folders. I suspect that this is where you are supposed to add files from to begin with.
  12. I'm a bit confused by this also. Everything seems to burn OK but, sometimes when I add a file(s) it says it excedes the capacity (1.44mb?) of the disk no matter how much free space I have. This is the same thing that "MacDKnife's" pic shows. I'm running the latest vers under VISTA. A possible bug?
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