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  1. In my first post I said I want to make an ISO file from mp3s. When I downloaded .NET framework, first I had to get an installer which was several MB in size. When I opened that, it started downloading more files, and said it was downloading 144 MB in total.
  2. The next choice under "Save As" is "Copy Audio CD". I am using version 4. Just installed yesterday. This is about the 5th program I've installed in an effort to solve this problem, and it required downloading and installing 150 megs of Microsoft stuff first. I am starting to think I will never be able to make an ISO file.
  3. The only choice offered is *.axp....
  4. I want to just make an ISO file from mp3s, not burn to disk. Is this possible, and if so, how is it done? If I have to burn to disk first that's OK, but I'd rather avoid it if I can.
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