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  1. Very useful option if it was there.
  2. Yes.. 7.10 failed to load on my system also blank screen flashing cursor top left Not CDburnerXP the old 7.04 works I used puppy Linux in the end to do my work
  3. two error codes depending on version you are using but the same reason. version 3 - Writing error 3 error closing DVD-R track Unknown error use extended data for more infor (1051) error sense data 5 ASC 30 :ASCQ 5 version 4 - Device error 339973 Failure reserving DVD-R track CANNOT WRITE MEDIUM INCOMPATIBLE FORMAT 0x053005 Now believe it or not the firmware on DVD drives need to know the make/type of disc before they can use them. You are likely to be using the new 16X speed discs, in my case Memorex but made by Ritek corp (note they make both silver and blue dye discs) DVD Identi
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