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  1. Mea culpa - I was tired and overly cranky and thus obviously in the mood to bitch. I shouldn't post when I'm in that state and I apologize. The inital screen that greeted me had NO menu - just icons with no indication of their actual function unless I "moused over" them. Granted, one typically isn't there very long because the initial window is replaced by a more standard one once a choice between "Data CD" or "Audio CD" is made, but the first time I ran the program I chose "Cancel" instead (because I was looking to copy not create as the dialog box stated, even if that's not what it actually meant) and was left in a window with only the icon toolbar. It's obvious from your response that you think this is no big deal (and that I am thus an "imbecile" - who's being rude now?), but to me that was a poor design choice because it forced me to examine each and every icon with the mouse in an attempt to find what I was looking for rather than having them properly labeled so I could simply go right to the one I needed. Obviously, you didn't bother reading what I wrote before commenting so rudely yourself. If you had, then you'd know my issue was NOT with how to change the default disk name, but rather with the poorly implemented "functionality" of the built-in variables feature. I suppose you were too busy being sanctimonious to bother comprehending my rather detailed explanation of why they don't work properly. Obviously I wasted my time trying to make sure the issue was fully explained. Granted, in my incredulity that such a seemingly obvious issue should be overlooked I may have gone overboard, but would you have preferred the more typical "it don't work" complaint sans any explanation? No matter - I found another solution that worked, so I'll probably not return to trouble your overly taxed sense of righteousness.
  2. After another program I tried failed to work intelligently, I tried this one. Cannot say I cared for the non-standard interface that initially greeted me (why, oh why do so many people think their version of the re-invented wheel will be so much better than the well-established standard?). It's certainly not usable by those who are vision-impaired thanks to the complete lack of a standard menu bar, let alone how ridiculous it is to force people to mouse over every effing icon in the tool bar to figure out WtF it's supposed to do (particularly when there are icons that appear extremely similar, which also happens here). First thing I wanted to do was copy a CD, but the initial dialog box only offers to "create" a CD, not copy it. Had to go into "create" and hunt for the copy option - granted, not a huge deal, but still an indication that the non-standard interface that is foisted upon us isn't entirely thought through. The developer would be better off dropping the useless word "Create" and just display "Data Disc" vs. "Audio Disc" - that'd more accurately reflect what is being asked. When I saw the lack of a menu bar, I immediately went into the options to see if there was a way to turn it on (as I understand M$ Office '07 offers for those who can't stand the "improved" icon palette bar, which I'm guessing you're trying to mimic). Didn't find such an option, obviously, but did notice that I also didn't care for the useless default title for disks: "Disc" - gee, that'll be sooooo helpful when I try to index my disks and find they're all named the same! I notice, however, that you've set up variable names representing date and time that can be inserted as part of the default filename - this is pleasant surprise and gives me hope that this isn't just another of the ever-expanding number of programs I've seen in the past several years in which "bling" seems more important than actual functionality (and is probably what kept me from summarily dismissing this program from my hard drive at this point). Then I actually tried to use them. *sigh* Since the date was the seventh, the $day variable (and probably the others in a similar situation) used only a single digit, which totally screws up the sorting of dates. When the dates are inevitably sorted, a disk burned on the eleventh of the month will appear BEFORE a disk burned on the seventh ("1111" tends to sort before "117" because of the third character). Worse, if I append the time to the date (as I intended to do) using these broken variables, a disk burned on the second of November at noon - using the "$month$day$hour$minute" format - would be indistinguishable from one burned on the twenty-first at two: "112120" would appear in both cases. It's just after midnight now and the format now results in "11803" - a single digit not only for the day, but just one each for the hour and minute as well!!! Ridiculous! I may as well go ahead and use the default title of "Disc" for all the good these broken variables are gonna do me. Again with the not thinking things through... At least I found I could turn on text labels by right-clicking on a blank area of the tool bar (apparently only a very recent "feature" addition according to the change log - this should not be considered a "feature," but an essential, integral part of the interface!). Dunno if this'll work for the vision-impaired who rely upon screen readers, though. Screen readers generally need the standard interface to work, and the initial window decidedly is NOT such an interface. Oddly, the interface changes to a more standard one once you choose a type of CD to make - why two different interfaces?!? Other GUI design issues abound, but I'm too tired to bother enumerating them at this point (at least I'm posting my complaints here - other programs I've been trying haven't received such attention). I started the CD copy. It took just under nine minutes to extract the audio image. It started burning it, but it got stuck at 50% - dunno exactly when it hit that percentage (to busy writing this to watch it burn), but it's been showing it for at least ten minutes and it's now at over 45 minutes into the burn on a 52x CD that shoulda been done in about 5 minutes (with a remaining time showing as "< 1 minute" the whole time - the remaining 50% done in just under a minute?!? I didn't know my Benq DD DW1650 - which IS on the "compatible" list AND has up-to-date firmware - had that kinda chutzpah!). The "Cancel" button seems to do nothing but print a message telling me that it's doing so every time I click (at least the GUI is still responsive even if the burning task is out to lunch - credit for this probably goes more to the use of .NET then the author's programming skills). After popping out the disk I can see that the burning never even started! Well at least I don't have to add yet another casualty to my already insanely huge coaster collection. Looks like I've got more work ahead of me checking out yet another program for a task so seemingly simple as an audio CD copy (no - the disk isn't copy-protected) - if only Lightning UK would add audio support to the otherwise impeccable ImgBurn... *sigh*
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