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  1. OK, so then I shall uninstall the CDBurnerXP and return to good old Nero Burning Rom, the program which at least handles this for me. From my point of view the CDBurnerXP is up to now an incomplete copy of the Nero Burning Rom.
  2. Well, except when you want to use the CD for a slide show ! In that case you would certainly want to determine the file order yourself - and what if you want to have music files dragged from various sources and played in a special order ?? CDs are used for a lot more than just simple backup. So all I need is an option to turn off the sorting function .
  3. Please make it possible to turn off the automatic sorting when you drag files to the compilation field. It is a waste of time having to establish folders to keep the different files in the order you yourself want them to appear on the cd.
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