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  1. OK.. Thanks for the blog.. 1. Open the Data Disc page, open my existing .dxp music selection file.. Then save it as an ISO file.. 2. Navigate to the front page again - select Burn ISO file.. Worked fine and plays great on my alpine system in my car.. Happy again
  2. I'm having the same issue.. My 2 different Alpine systems for both cars have failed to recognize the new CD's .. If I use the Joliet format, will I loose my access to my CDburnerXP .dxp library of CD song selections that I have built over 2 years?
  3. I am experiencing the same problem. Version 3 calculated the image file correctly - even with variable bit rate files.. I'm back to version 3 until problem is fixed.. too bad - hate to give up some of the new features - but the frustration is not worth it..
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