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  1. I think now that the CD media I bought doesn't have the capability of reproducing a 14,000 hz or 16,500 hz signal...It has been so long since I have dealt with audio...I am dealing with business stuff and I plain forgot that quality of the CD would affect it, but now I will replace my CDs (printed) with another 300 of them, but this time I will put a test file on the CDs and analyze them on the Spectrum Analyzer BEFORE I buy another supply... Thanks, Flo.... Jerry W. Wing
  2. Flo, I appreciate your help in answering a basic question...I am trying to copy seven 10 minute MP3s to one CD. Why is it when I copy the seven files (tracks 1-7) that the high frequency sounds (14 and 16.5 khz) in the MP3 files don't seem to get copied? Is there a deterioration in sounds when an MP3 file is copied to a CD? I am trying to put 70 minutes of sound on a CD, and I can't use a WAV file format because of its size. Thanks again... Jerry W. Wing
  3. Flo, thank you for you comment...If I record a 15 minute wave file I wonder if it will fit onto a CD...I will try that and see what I can do with the wave file itself...I will record a 10 minute slice and look at the wave forms...thanks again...Jerry Wing
  4. Where Do I Find Information On CDBurner XP Pro, Please? Thanks, Jerry W. Wing
  5. I am creating an MP3 file with a pink sound noise at reference zero and a voice sub-carrier at reference 14,000 hertz above the pink noise carrier, and a second audio sub-carrier at 16,500 hertz above the pink noise carrier. The MP3 files I am creating are self-help CDs. When I copy the MP3 file to a CD using Roxio, the sub-carriers at 14,000 hertz and 16,500 hertz both disappear. They are not visible when I look at the wave forms on the CD (as opposed to the MP3 file which was copied) and it appears that the sub-carriers were either ignored or erased. Can you please tell me how to cop
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