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  1. Hi, I have rooted thru' the forums but can't find an answer to my problem. I have downloaded the latest version of CDB and tried to burn a disc using the various file selctions (udf-iso/udf only-iso/udf/joliet) but the disc will not play on any of our dvd players, we have 3 different models, so can someone help. My o.s. is win-xp home using a LITE-ON dvdrw sohw 1633s burner and I am using Kodak dvd-rw data & video recordable discs. Any ideas anyone??
  2. Hi, Maybe this topic has been covered before but I can't find a match. I have converted a downloaded film from Ares which was in PAL format to NTSC using Prism dvd converter but when I try to burn it using CDB XP, I get this error msg."Warning, some files could not be added or truncated due to long file name, see list for details" On checking the listing it states that the flie is larger than 4.2G. As I am using a 4.7Gb dvd+rw disc I would have thought there would have been enough space. Or am I missing something obvious. Any ideas anyone? Darcy
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