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  1. Maybe I'm asking too much but...Is there any way to create the Burner Pro to forewarn of any errors BEFORE it ends up burning a CDR partially? I've lost my last four...
  2. After an hour, I finally ended up burning my audio CD with Roxio...yuk! But roxio too had an error and so I've just lost 4 blank CD's so far. I decided to upgrade my CD burner driver which is a TSST Corp burner. The upgrade made Roxio work like a breeze. When I tried CD Burner Pro once again using the exact same tracks from the same file, it crashed on me at the 4th track burn...crap!! This is what I got: Device Error 336130 could not write to disc (LBA 58351 length:26 invalid address for write 0x052102 I much prefer to use the Burner Pro but it seems it has too many problems...I've nev
  3. I'm also having a problem. To Wit: "Device error 199680 Error Flushing device cache while closing track write error -generic-0x030c00" This happened twice already. Had I known, I would not have installed the new version since the previous one did not have any problems Right now, I can't risk wasting any more time or CDR's ....now I have to transfer all my tracks to Roxio.....crap!
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