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  1. Hi Guys I'm using the latest version of CDBurnerXP ( I am tying to create an Audio CD. The files ae MP3. Anyways I burn the CD and it says it was done successfully but when I check the CD ... it Empty !! I'd greatly appreciate any help with this ! Thank you.
  2. Hi Guys How does one go about creating an ISO image with CDBurnerXP ?? Just to clarify things: 1) I do not want to convert an ISO Image 2) I don't have an ISO Image What I have are 19 files, that I want to make into an ISO Image > Is there a way to do that with CDBurnerXP ?? I'd greatly appreciate any help. Thank You.
  3. OMG thanks Flo the new version is ace .... looks much nicer too !! THANK YOU
  4. Hi Guys Is it possible to copy a disc using CDBurnerXP ?? Cause I don't see any Copy buttons anywhere ! any help would be great thanks guys
  5. Do you mean the {Copy ISO Disc} Option ???? Cause I've tried that and it doesn't work, I think it only works if the Disc I'm trying to copy has an ISO file in it !!! I'm trying to copy a family video disc !!! and that as you all know does not have an ISO file in it. Somone PLEASE PLEASE help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks
  6. Hi Guys Is it possible to Copy a CD or a DVD disc using CDBurnerXP ?? Cause I've not seen "Copy Disc" button anywhere !!! Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks
  7. Hi Guys Is it possible to burn a (.BIN) image for a programe in CDBurnerXP ??? If yes, then how do I do it, please help Thanks
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