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  1. Here's a weird behavior when using the Action Selection window that pops up when starting CDBurnerXP. If I double click any option, its description text get copied into the clipboard (and the selected mode is started as expected). For example if I double click Data Disc and then use paste, my pre copied text is replaced by "Data Disc" or "Allows you to create ISO images, burn usual data discs, MP3-CDs and video discs." depending on where I double clicked. I'm using v4.2.1.864
  2. Thanks, it works fine in v4.2.1.864
  3. I'm trying to copy+paste into the label but ctrl+v does nothing. If I right click and select Paste all is fine
  4. Yes, this issue is fixed in v4.0.024.439. Thanks!
  5. I also have this problem. Will this bug be fixed in the next version? I can't use the workaround suggested here since I have another bug in Vista hiding the Computer icon so I don't have any harddisk folders at the upper part
  6. I've been using Ashampoo and it allowed me to use slash (/) in the CD label. CDBurnerXP tells me that this is an invalid character. I guess that this is not really a technical problem since it works in other software. It's only disallowed in the code of CDBurnerXP. It would be nice if it could be allowed and perhaps together with other characters that isn't very special (I only tried / and ,) Using comma (,) is allowed but just silently removes everything after it. I guess this is a bug...
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