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  1. Dear, Flo. Oh, Could it be put my name into the translation credits? Please, do that.
  2. [English] http://www.mediafire.com/?1af1kzl5lnv is a compiled Korean 1.1.7 resource file for CDBurnerXP 4.x (I have tested on It is not contained in current release, so please, download and install it, if you want to use CDBurnerXP in Korean. [Korean] http://www.mediafire.com/?1af1kzl5lnv 은 CDBurnerXP 4.x 용으로 컴파일된 한국어 1.1.7 리소스 파일입니다 (에서 테스트 완료). 한국어로 된 CDBurnerXP를 사용하고 싶으시다면, 현재 배포되고 있는 버전에는 들어있지 않으므로, 다운로드 후 설치해주세요.
  3. I have finished for my work. Please, add it later releases. After administrator's comfirmation to translate for Korean, I have reviewed and made up for about typos, nuances, and so on... I firmly believe that it is complete to understand for other Korean who are using the other CD/DVD authoring software such as Nero Burning Rom - most famous and common place in S.Korea until now. Thank you for your great CDBurnerXP. See you next new CDBurnerXP release.
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