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  1. I'd seriously consider looking and checking if your user.config file is correctly formatted and found. I noticed similar error messages when this was not the case. Good luck, Tom
  2. When checking for a new version using Ver, the following errors occur: MouseOver on the Icon isn't returning the expected German (when using a German translation) all other items function correctly When selecting the Check for a new Version, the Version Status dialog box is shown but then shows a MB_ICONHAND (red X) error with the text "Could not find a part of the path '%TEMP%\version.dat'." where %TEMP% is the short path form of the %temp% variable This was experienced on Windows XP SP2 The same error is thrown when using the English version of the software (i.e. not localized to German) Thanks, Tom P.S. How is the cdbxpp.resources.dll created? I was unable to "nicely" locate the language strings to be able to update them...they appear to be simply included in the dll file...
  3. This is being a bit nit picking, but you should probably re-name the user.config setting "AppResoursesPath" to "AppResourcesPath" to keep with the current directory naming scheme. (i.e. the default path is CDBurnerXP\Resources\) Thanks, Tom
  4. When using CDBurnerXP Ver with Windows XP SP2, it would appear that when the XML file (user.config) is re-written on exiting, that the section "AudioRipPath" is reset with the long path of the temp variable (ex Registry in HCU\Environment TEMP) Can this be verified? Thanks in advance, Tom
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