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  1. comodo can't stop the win32.virut virus that i have, it's being sent to me every time i connect to internet, can't stop it anyhow. thx god i found an AV that can find it and delete it (it can't be cleaned :@). how can you not to know that built-in windows firewall is the worst firewall of all!? if i would know how to use the hosts file to block all IPs i don't want to connect to, i might stop using firewall, but since i don't even know the IPs... Anyway, what about the bug, is it fixed??
  2. I have a bug when launching the latest v4 Cd Burner Xp Pro, it shows the well known "the program needs to be closed" error That wouldn't be such a big problem because i have the V3 installation, and V3 works fine I read in FAQ that it's caused by my Comodo Firewall Pro, but i can't disable it since if i do, then i have to reinstall my pc I have a huge problem with viruses, one second without defense and its finished anyway, just wanted to let you know, that if you have the same error i have, and you also have CFP, then V3 should work for you P.S. didn't check if it was available for download anymore
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