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  1. Hello! When I use DVD+R(16X) in my DVD burner everything is OK But if I insert a DVD-R(8X), CDburnerXP seems blocked. So,it is not possible to navigate in the browser window and the response to the mouse click is very very long. Starting burning is impossible. I observe that the hard disc led remains ON and the DVD burner led come OFF a few seconds after I insert the DVD as usual Nevertheless the Windows task manager indicate that the CPU is totaly used by the system idle process. My computer: Windows XP SP2 family recently updated. CPU AMD Athlon 1800+ 1Go Ram 40 Go HDD one CD reader one CD/DVD burner My DVD Burner: Lite-on DH 20A-3H write DVD+R 20X max DVD-R 20X max read 16X max My CDBurnerXP version: Thank you for your help
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