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  1. As I mentioned, I DID get an error msg from BurnAware. And I have a lot of applications that run w/o problems. Do you put out an error msg for unsupported media? If so, suggest you review that code and find out why it doesn't work.
  2. I've solved the problem and it is a pretty stupid error that CDB should have picked up. It took installing BurnAware to discover what the problem was. So what was the problem? I had made the mistake of putting a blank DVD into the DVD burner. BurnAware picked this up and informed me via an error msg that I had inserted the wrong media. I inserted a CD instead of a DVD and the burn preceded w/o further issues. OTOH, CDB didn't issue any msg, couldn't even display its opening window and forced a hard reset to terminate the program. Even removing the DVD did not allow CDB to be terminated.
  3. SPTD did not make any difference. Attached is another log from the SPTD run in case that helps. Also a task log from a freeware program I have called Taskinfo. What in your program could cause the program window to refuse to display??? Now I have to reboot my system again to get rid of the CDBurnerxp instance which can't be stopped or terminated! StarBurn.log
  4. @floele - Did the log I attached in the above post help any?
  5. Nothing in your link seems to apply to my situation as described above. Today I experimented some more. I completely removed the 32 bit version and deleted nearly 1400 registry entries! (per Revo Uninstaller). I cleaned out the old install folder of any file left-overs. Then I installed the x64 non-Open Candy variation and tested it. I get the same results - CDB starts and appears in the task list but does not generate a display window. And as for the 32x version, I have to hard reboot my system to terminate the task as it says I do not have the proper authority to force it out of the sy
  6. I see a lot of looky loos but no responses. So no one else on Win 8.1 (at least) is experiencing this problem with CDBurnerXP?
  7. Tried to run CDBXP tonight. The program will start and is in Task Manager but I don't get any display window. Tried numerous times with same result. After each failure, have to hard reboot my system to get rid of the task as it will not allow itself to even be forced terminated. I get this error msg when I try: "Error Terminate Process : Access is denied." Tried doing a reinstall but that did not help any. CDBXP used to work on my system. I don't use it all that much and don't recall if I tried to run it after doing the last update install. I am on Win8.1 x64. Have plenty of power
  8. I don't want to continue beating this dead horse. Since the program is free, I guess the old adage that you get what you pay for applies here. The bottom line is that the information you present in terms of a message is not clear as to what the problem is or what the user should do. I have a lot of years of technology background and you left me scratching my head wondering what the problem was, why you were showing such a high required number and what I should do about the issue. Again, if it is too much bother to better describe the problem and solution, then as the saying goes, "it
  9. The disc is custom made. It is a copy of views from a CT medical scan. There is no indication as to whether it is a CD or DVD. It just makes sense for the application (that would be CDBurner) display a warning that the source was too big for the target. Is this too hard a task to accomplish, which is why you don't want to take ownership of the problem?
  10. How do I tell the difference? And shouldn't the program inform me that I can't copy a DVD to a CD IF the amoundt of data on the DVD is bigger than the CD size?
  11. I don't know where that 1.4GB number is coming from. The CD I am attempting to copy is a normal data CD (contains CT scan photos and info). All I want CDBurner to do is copy what is on one CD to another. Like a sector to sector copy. But it doesn't seem able to do this.
  12. 14 views so far over two days but no one knows the answer as to how to copy a CD using CDBurnerXP?? Does anyone know if CD copying actually works? Or can anyone recommend an alternate product that is able to copy CD's?
  13. How do I copy a CD? I put the source CD in the drive and then use the Copy/Grab function. It seems to copy the source as an ISO file (Track1.iso)? Which is 1.4GB in size. The I get prompted for the target CD: The following type of disc is required. The process will continue automatically as soon as it has been inserted. Required Present 1.28 GB free 696.23 MB Empty disc Empty disc I insert a fresh CD but nothing happens. It seems like CDBurner wants a 1.28GB CD, which does
  14. On WinXP SP3 (I'm riding this train to the end,baby!). I haven't used CDB in some time but it seems not to be working now. I have updated to the latest version. First, it takes about 2 minutes to get to the initial screen where you select what you want to do. During this time, CDB is sucking up about 50% of my CPU cycles (see attached screenshot). I want to create an audio disk from an existing compilation. I put a new blank CD in the drive but CDB shows status bar msg of "CD-R (Empty). It does this with two different blank CD's that I have (Sony & Kodak). Then when I t
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