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  1. Well that's too bad. Burning at 10x only increases the chances for errors. I may have to look for an alternative since I know my burner and the CD-R media I use are capable of burning at slower speeds.
  2. Well finally an answer! The old version had a setting whereby you could overwrite the default speed CDBurnerXP sets it to after it automatically detects it. That option is gone as far as I can tell. I know the media I buy is capable of burning at 2X or 4X if I want it to. Rule of thumb is that the slower the burn speed, the fewer coasters I produce and I get a longer lasting burn which means a longer lasting CD-R. That's been my experience since the good old Nero 6 days.
  3. The media I use is capable of burning at 4X yet CDBurnerXP insists on burning it at 10X or above. Same with the burner burn speeds since ImgBurn also detects both my burner and media being capable of being burned at 4X Aren't there any settings to override this?
  4. I was using Nero 6 to burn mp3 CDs until I started having problems with CDs that my player wouldn't automatically cue to the next track unless I manually hit the 'next' --> button on my CD player. Neither the "Burning the track at once" option, or the "Burning the CD at once" option in Nero 6 resolved this. Regular store-bought CDs don't have this cueing problem. Only the CD-Rs do. I was wondering if there is a similar feature in CDBurnerXP or does it not matter with this program? Thanks.
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