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  1. Can anyone help, please? Here is my problem (help files do not help): I'm trying to copy folders and files from a 700 mb CD to a blank 700 mb CD. I only have access to one (1) CD burner. This is what happens: Folders and files show up in Top Right Hand window of CDBurnerXP v 4.0.022 and the status bar at the bottom shows the size of the folders and files to be copied. However, when I drag (or ADD) the required folders and files to the compilation window (bottom right) the status bar shows the following: Data exceeds size of media ISO9660/UDF/Joliet with 100 folders and 639 files - On Disk: 698 Mb - Total Estimated Size 1398 Mb I've tried several other disks containing +- 650 Mb, all with the same result. What am I doing wrong or is this a "bug""
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