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  1. This the follow up work I did, after my first post "help, Create Bootable DVD 3.11.2008 Fellows: Here is latest on RECOVERY DVD. My drive is DVD RW / CD - ROM. CD - ROM does not read not even Profesional Install CD, like Microsoft Win XP Home. System Revcovery disks, that came with My Laptop are on CD - disks ( 3 disks ) so I can not Run Revovery CD. My operating system is not behaving normal. Pops up all kind of message windows, at any given time, and will stop any software from woking. Only way to stop is, 'CTRL + ALT + DEL.' Even Reboot, sometimes. So I began to look for ways to ma
  2. I have similar difficulties: Please see post by NOBEIN, feb 28, 2008 ''help, create bootable DVD' I created a ISO from 3-recovery CD. Burned that ISO on to DVD and to make it Bootable I used, 'Boot.ima' file that I downloadedd from CDBurnXP site. I have the complete burned DVD. I am afraid to try it. For lack of knowledge that WHAT happens if it runs Halfway through and then Quits? My laptop that is need of bad Recovery CD use, will then be completely gone. Right now I get at least Internet Browsing. System: Averatec laptop AMD 2.0 Ghz 712 Mb of this barely 412 Mb is used by the
  3. Fellows: all help on how to create, Bootable DVD is appreciated. I am trying to create Bootable DVD disk. What do I need to do. Please note, I am no techie, so a little detail will help even better. Here is what I have. I have 3-recovery cds, for my laptop. Created a folder on desktop. Copied the contents of these 3-cds, into that folder. Total size is 1.81 GB. Created ISO image from that folder. Downloades a 'Boot.ima', from CDBrunerXP. Burned a DVD, making it a Bootable, using the above 'Boot.ima' At this point I have the DVD. Yet I do not want to Run it, unless I know
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