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  1. I can verify the behavior of verify checked but disc ejected after burning (no verify done). Here are the steps I used: 1. Burn a disc via the "advanced" option and make sure verify is checked 1a. With the latest version (, this seemed to be the default on a new install (OS reinstall so not stale settings) 2. Burn the disc 3. Quit CDBurnerXP 4. Start CDBurnerXP 5. Burn a disc via the "finalize" option from the Burn button 6. As the burn is going, switch over to the Options tab 7. I see that "verify data" option is checked 8. When burn is done, the disc is ejected without
  2. Found the setting and it does exactly what I wanted. Thanks.
  3. I noticed during the verify phase when I was burning 4GB to DVD from an USB external hard drive that the source files were being re-read. If "verify files" is checked, I suggest hashing (MD5/SHA-1/whatever) the source files during burn and hashing the files on the DVD-R/CD-R and comparing that during verify instead of rereading the source file bytes. This may be less of a problem with most machines now running SATA, but if the source data and burner are on the same IDE channel I'd expect a speed improvement.
  4. I don't know about anybody else, but I never want to save my "project". I just want to burn my data and be done. I propose adding a setting/option that if set, the app will never prompt the user to save the CDBurnerXP project. The best spot to put this is probably the General Settings tab on the Options dialog. Even if the setting is set, still allow saving the project.
  5. Quick note if this is a duplicate bug... I tried going to the link in Flo's "before posting bug" post, but I get this: Forbidden You don't have permission to access /bugs/setup/upgrade.php on this server.
  6. Steps to reproduce in v4.0.022.370 1. Start a blank data CD/DVD 2. Create an empty directory (right click, click Create directory) on the working area (bottom part) 3. Drag another folder (call it X) from your computer to the folder listing area of the working area (bottom left). 4. Notice that all files and subfolders and their files under the dropped folder X show up when you navigate through the folder structure. 5. Make folder X from step 3 a child of the folder created in step 2 by drag/dropping onto the empty folder on the tree on the bottom left. 6. Now navigate through folder X
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