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  1. Similar to the other recent posts. I have a Dell Studio XPS running Win7 64 bit. Burner is TSSTcorp TSH653G. I'm very disappointed that this burner isn't even on the list. Can this be requested? Kami
  2. So far, so good for me, too. I have to say that I've since learned that when I was getting the R6025 bug, I was having computer system problems. I've been seeing .NET Framework versions mentioned by several posters. I don't know its relationship to burning software, but I hadn't had a working .NET Framework. It's been re-installed and upgraded to V. 3. After installing CDBurner V. 789, I was able to set up and burn a new data compilation. I want to thank the programmers for fixing the date sort in the compilation window. It finally stays as I set it. But I think the new version
  3. Just for the record, I'm having this problem even though I'm using SP2, and with both CD's and DVD's (compiling data for either). Also using .NET Framework 2, after spending 2 weeks with Microsoft re-installing it. Kami
  4. Thralia, I can't even get that far with the new versions. I get the virtual call error either waiting for a file to load or at any time I'm adding files and folders. Kami
  5. I didn't even get that far. I'm back with the 4.0 version. )-:
  6. Now I tried to create a data file from scratch. I was able to create a new folder and add a bunch of sub-folders to it. But when I started to select a different folder, I got the Runtime R6025 error again. So much for that idea. What's different with this newer CD Burner version, is that In addition to the Runtime Error, I'm also getting the Microsoft popup error message, with the option to send the error report to Microsoft. Kami
  7. I just tried the new version (, but still got the Runtime Error - R6025-pure virtual function call. The software opened okay. The error occurred when I tried to open a file saved with the 4.0? version. Kami
  8. This link gives me: "Not Found The requested URL /cdbxp_setup_4.1.1.666.exe was not found on this server. Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request."
  9. I'll try the test version. Kami
  10. Right. Forgot to say I'm running XP (SP2), DirectX: 9.0c. I had to revert to the previous CDBurner version.
  11. The new version of CD Burner crashed with a Runtime Error. When I finally got it open, it crashed when I tried to move 4 files from one folder to another. This one was, hopefully, transmitted to the programmers. How do I go back to the previous version? Kami
  12. When I click on the Date Modified colum in the compilation window, the files are listed in the alphabetic order of the file dates. So all Jan. 1 (1/1) dates are first, then Jan. 2 (1/2) dates, thru Jan. 31 (1/31), then Oct. dates (10/1, 10/2), then Nov. (11/1, 11/2), then Dec. (12/1, 12/2), then Feb. (2/1, 2/2), etc. Since I frequently add newer files to a compilation, this bug, if that's what it is, makes it more difficult and time-consuming. The Date Modified column in the Explorer panel functions correctly.
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