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  1. I took a much closer look. I tried to do an Audio CD with only 2 tracks from 2 mp3 files. It start the conversion. I see that "Adding Track 1 of 2" and the green bar goes to 1/2. I Open the folder: C:\Documents and Settings\Joshua3\Local Settings\Temp where I can see the file: tmpE0.tmp = 0Kbytes and the file: tmpE0.tmp.wav growing from 0 bytes to 20 GigaBytes moment when I stop CDBurnerXP running just because it seems clear to me that it will eat, again, all the free space from C: partition (60 Gbytes free there). I run the same test 3 times. Every time same thing is happening: C partition is running out of space and CD BurnerXP is a "not responding" task. I did the same test using InfraRecorder (free version) and it was able to create the audio CD using the same mp3 files in about 5 minutes.
  2. uploaded a rar file with 2 mp3 files inside. The forum is not let me to upload mp3 file - "The extension mp3 is not allowed." There is no confirmation that the file it was uploaded correctly. Thank you !
  3. I think I got the same trouble. I have a bunch of 320kbps mp3 files. When I try to burn those files in Audio CD mode, CDBurnerXP is freezing. After I shutdown the process/application I found that in C:\Documents and Setting\USERNAME ... CDBurnerXP creates a file of 8 GBytes !!! I tried several time and no positive result. Was only eating the whole free space from C: drive. Those mp3 files I can play them with any mp3 player. If I burn the same files as mp3 (data files) on a CD-RW or CD-R everything is OK.
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