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  1. Its not that you need to get it to work by bypassing the probleme, its that there is a probleme If its surpose to work with mode 2 and xa then its surpose to work with that! Many people have now repported to this forum that there is a probleme, so its generel now. Im happy for you if yours are working, but there still is a bug in the programme, and that has to be addressed by the author when he has the time for it:) We all know that this is a freeware programme so dont complain, instead repport the bug. Later when the author fix all the errors then maybe this programme will be
  2. I never had to do that before when using earlier versions of your programme so what is the difference now? Before version 4 everything worked just fine, except that there were no vista support. Regards JBJ
  3. Hi:) No I didn't since thefunction I wanted to use was the Data burning. Meaning making a Data DVD-RW with divx files that then is read by a DVD player. I can say that using Ashampoo's program works fine burning data DVD-RW and I'm not the only one who have had this issue, try looking through this forum then you will see alot. I do hope you will get it fixed bc I do like your programme alot better than all the rest on the market:) Regards JBJ
  4. Ashampoo Burning studio 6 is free and works fine, though it does not have the same design as CDBurnerXP:)
  5. Ufortunately not all of us can do that, I got Vista 3.5 wont work in Vista:( It would be nice it the develober would comment on this probleme, as it seem to be a general probleme with version 4. Regards JBJ
  6. I'm using in Vista home premium 32bit, and the data DVD with Divx video files works fine and can be read on my laptop, but when using it in my Phillips DVD player I only get Bad Disc. This with several disc now. As I said they read fine in the laptop as data disc, and before when I burned with Toshiba Disc creator it worked fine, so it must be some kind of incompatibility. The reason for using CDBurnerXP is that those stupid people at Toshiba has made this laptop with a drive that can "get lost" in Vista(several issues about this on the net) and when I installed the fix Toshiba
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