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  1. Is it me OR is there some missing explanation for translations online??
  2. Hi Flo! I can't find the string containing the text Action selection Is there a newer file that I have missed? Website translation to danish done! wheeler53
  3. Hi Flo! After tranlating the latest lang. file, I just want to ask this: Why can this not be translated? Looks stupid in the danish translation!
  4. dll for beta 559 Check it out! wheeler53
  5. Hi Flo Thanx for the explanation! So the new lang. file is not to upload and use before ver. 559 is final released? May I suggest that you tell what version the lang. file is for! On the site. If someone download the lang. file as it is now, and think it is good for ver. 439. It will as you say, maybe not work ok!
  6. OK succes this time! Please tell me, is the newest language file (working on it) also to be used in earlier versions like Or only for the newest Beta ver. (559) A question: What do you mean by this string: Splitting Cue Sheet. I'm not sure how to translate it, I can't figure it out!!
  7. Hi Flo. I have tried to update 3 times. This is the mess. I got every time.: ...so apparently we messed up badly. There is nothing you can do about it, but the error has been logged and will be fixed as soon as possible. As greater satisfaction for you, we'll show the error details below so that you maybe can conclude what has gone wrong from this information. 120@/srv/www/vhosts/cdburnerxp.se/htdocs/includes/dbconn.inc.php A database error occured. Details below: a:6:{i:0;s:6:"mysqli";i:1;s:7:"EXECUTE";i:2;i:1054;i:3;s:40:"Unknown column 'updated' in 'field list'";i:4;s:121:"UPDATE trans_lang SET updated = 0, Last_change = 1209998345, file = 'Strings.da-DK.resx' WHERE lang_name = 'Danish da-DK'";i:5;b:0;} Wheeler53
  8. Maybe i'll try again. I have tryed to give the resx file a version number, but I can't! (I'm not a programmer!). Something else: I was trying to download the new Beta: download/file.php?id=412. I doesn't get the setup.exe but , as the link says, a php file! And it wont open! What to do?
  9. Hi Flo. I have done a litte bit of updating to the Danish translation. But when I try to upload it, I get the message: invalid password Is the password not valid for more than 1 upload? wheeler53
  10. This is the dll file. I could not attach the resx or xml file. (not allowed)
  11. Yes, send it to you! But I can't see where to do this or how to send it
  12. Need password to upload!! Why can't I write in translation for translators??
  13. Hello guys! Danish translation finished. (after som problems getting the interface looking right) Now I hope I can get it uploaded correct!! Tested in IE & Firefox no errors. Tested in program! Looks fine to me!!
  14. I don't see much work done to translate the newest version to Danish! This can be done in less than a week, if I can make the program for it, to work properly. Translating the correct file and saving it in the correct filetype. I have been translating before, but in other programs like Ini manager! wheeler53
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