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  1. Hello, sorry if this has already been discussed, the search box doesn't allow "IMG" as search word, so I'm not finding that much... I'd like to know if CDBurnerXP can be used to burn IMG files, and, if not, if it's planned... Thanks, Mario
  2. Hello, using; if I burn a compilation the first time, the application text label is set as "CDBURNERXP xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx" where xxx is version. After burning, if I change mastering device and get ready to burn the same compilation to the other device, I see the application label has changed to "CDPROLIB"; is it a known problem? Thanks, Mario
  3. +1 for both options (ISO burning verify is the only major thing I miss in CDBurnerXP!) - Mario
  4. Thanks. File system settings was ISO/UDF/Joliet. Just setting ISO/Joliet and updating the disc, estimation went from around 749 MB to 675MB. Couldn't imagine UDF could bring to such overhead - is it needed in any way for conventional Data CD's? - Mario
  5. Hello, I am having problems with creating an ISO file out of a folder with about 36000 files in 400 folders (yes, many of them are small). Total size of files is around 636 MB. Nero produces an ISO file of 690MB that fits a 700MB. CDBurner XP (latest version) produces instead a 767MB ISO file that obviously fails burning into a 700MB CD. Am I missing some settings? Thanks, Mario
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