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  1. Please don't mis-understand me, your software is excellent. when you write out a DATA DVD and choose your files to write to the disc, the progress bar at the bottom takes somewhat longer than Nero to compile the list, especially when writing out 4gb worth of DATA. Having said this, saving £50 is probably well, much better in your pocket than spending the money on NERO, just to have something that runs a little faster. Your software is excellent and it was only a minor critism.
  2. Hi I have just come across your software today and have to say it is very professional both in its appearance and operation. I have always been a keen Nero user but could well be tempted to stay with your software. Yet its free (WOW). My only initial first critism is that when I asked the software to make a data file, using software I had downloaded from the net, it took alot longer than Nero to read the files, but nevertheless it did the job of burning the CD efficiently. Well done on creating a superb free software package, I strongly believe this software is good enough to be bun
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