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    dropping files

    Verbatim Dvd-r 4.7gb 16 Speed. My drive = Samsung SH-S183L Not sure if it will do something similar with other file types yet.
  2. runwaypimp

    dropping files

    Hey Guys, I love CDBurnerXp because i hate bloatware so very much. Thanks for developing this. However, today i was burning some movies; 6 movies totaling 4.2gb. They burned without error but i noticed the last movie isn't being burned to the disc. I see it get burned during the burning progress. I've tried this with 4 CDs now. Dirrefent files, and one movie is always missing once i browse the dvd after burning. Its always the last alphabetical named file that gets dropped. Anyone have any ideas please? This is almost a show stopper for this software & I'd be very unhappy about reverting back to Nero bloatware.
  3. Great software. Could you add me to beta please. I donated.
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