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  1. Cause there's nothing to fix! All of the rest of us have fixed this issue with driver upgrades to our hardware. If you have no driver upgrade maybe your hardware is too old and you need new. Thank you Flo for all of your work!
  2. I have command line working. But Is it possible to execute a command line and incorporate disk spanning?
  3. OK. I had the same issue. But I resolved it just like another poster. I updated the storage drivers for my laptop. Now Mr. Dieselman, stop being rude to Flo. It isn't a CDBurner XP issue. Go download updated drivers! And stop screaming and the kind person who spends his time to give you great FREE software.
  4. I want to create a compilation to use for regular backups. But each time I run the compilation I want to back it up to a folder on the CD by date. For example I backup C:\ Docs to the CD once a month and each time I run it I want to put it into a folder on the disc by today's date. Is there a way to add a folder to a compilation with a variable, like #date or #MM#DD#YY and each time I run the compilation it draws on the current date for he folder name. I would be nice to be able to possibly do this in the GUI or command line. Any help?
  5. OK. Uninstalled and installed and the burning that we are having trouble with above worked fine. Any explanation?
  6. Agreed. I am having the same trouble. Have been using cdburnnerxppro for a long time. I've not had this issue before. I am using v4.0.024.039. I want to say that the last release 4.0.024 did not do this. I put in a new DVD for data burning and only had about enough data for 25% of the disc. I chose to leave session open. All burned fine. But when I went to add more data next time it told me the disc was full/closed. I opened the disc in Star Burn and it told me the disc was closed also. Any Ideas? I'm pretty sure that it's not me.
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