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    CDBurnerXP crashes

    hi! no, I can't eject cd/dvd. i'm really sad, because i love this program. I am not sure if this is a cdburnerxp problem, may be a system issue, but i can't find out what may be the problem.
  2. Skatan

    CDBurnerXP crashes

    Hi there, for some days I have the following problem using CDBurnerXP (tried different versions). When I burn a disc an disc finishes I get the message that burning was successful. From now an CDBurnerXP hangs and I'm not able to terminate it, not even killing the process. And: I also can't kill or start other applications and no shutdown is possible. Only way to get my system back is to reset. Burning from another application works. Burning under Vista works. Does anyone know what may be the problem? Skatan
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