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  1. yes im able to burn with other softwares too, just cant with cdburnerxp :S
  2. can ur xbox read iso9660 level1 dvds >2gb?
  3. yes i too have noticed the size of the disk issue, cds work fine and so do half empty dvds. have u tried ?
  4. Hello, I'm trying to burn some DVD's with some avi files to see on my xbox using XBox Media Center (an homebrew software). I've tried several settings but with no success, I also read that the xbox odd can only read UDF 1.02 so I've tried setting ISO level to 1 but still no changes. The error i get on the xbox is "The path is not found or invalid". Did anyone get accross this? Know which settings to choose? Best regards, tehCORE
  5. I really meant burn speed, it has nothing to do with the verification process. What i said is that if I verify the data it is always corrupt. Yes, sorry i forgot to mention the version. It only happens on x24, on the x22 everything was fine.
  6. I too have slow burning speeds, it takes two/three times longer to burn on cdburnerxp than imgburn/nero and on the end i always have verify errors, had to stop using cdbxp cause of this. os: windows xp 64 drive: samsung ts-h552u (latest firmware: US09)
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