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  1. This bug still exists in this latest version, correct? Is there any idea when it might be fixed? By the time CDBXP is released perharps
  2. Yep, that's exactly same behavior as previous version had. I thought that this was one of the bugs that was to be fixed with this release, with new version of that 3rd-party burning engine.
  3. Just downloaded and installed, same bug is still present at least with DVD+RW-disk's. Eg.Data disk->Burn->advanced options->Disc at once+finalize disk+eject disk. Result in multisession disk, CDBXP ask is one want's to continue multisession disk when same disk is inserted again. Disc information says "Disc status: Disc open", "Disc is open: Yes" and "Number of sessions: 1" Purchasing Nero license is just inches away;) edit: same result with automatic option and "Finalise disk" selection.
  4. I have exact opposite problem with 4.024.439, when I tell CDBurnerXP to close disc (Disc at once & Finalize disc) disc will be left open (multisession disc). And of course, sometimes disc's that are burned as multisession won't be open when new files are going to be added. edit: doesn't matter whether I choose "Automatic" or "Advanced" options.
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