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  1. It looks like your songs from iTunes are protected by DRM so you have to get a software that can edit DRM-protected MP3 files instead.
  2. Did you try using iTunes to increase the gain for those songs? iTunes has that feature if I am not mistaken. It should be in 'Get Info' and under the 'Options' tab.
  3. It's simple. The list is arranged in numerical and alphabetical order based on the first character. If you want things to appear the way you want it, you need to rename your file from #1 to #01.
  4. The CD-Rs are appearing as normal 700MB CD-Rs so I can't burn beyond the space capacity. Will you be adding 870MB CD-Rs into the list of CD-Rs supported in the next version?
  5. I don't know what's wrong but somehow, my 870MB CD-Rs are not appearing as 870MB. Is it because it is not supported? I noticed that 99min CDs are labelled as 900MB instead of 870MB.
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