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  1. Flo, Multisession may indeed be "available" but there seem to be at least a few users (including me) for whom MS does not work. Please refer to the thread on this issue in the "Bugs" forum. I'm sure that all of us would appreciate some help from the developers in sorting out this problem. john
  2. I am having the same problem as described in the original post. I cannot reliably burn a multisession disk using v 4.024.439. I made 9 attempts at multisession burns, using the simple "Leave Disk Open" option for some attempts and making the appropriate settings on the "Advanced Settings" option in the remaining attempts. In 7 cases, the disks were readable after one session but appeared closed. In the other two cases, the disks remained open after a first session but when I attempted a second session the burn failed, rendering the disks unreadable. I had no trouble burning single session disks. My burner is a Phillips DVD8701 which is on your list of compatible drives and which I have used without problems with several other CD/DVD burning programs. I hope there is a fix for this issue as the program has a great user interface and nice set of features but, for me, is crippled without the multisession capability.
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