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  1. Hello again: as I said... The feature is already ready The only question I have is: • If I drag and drop all the selected files over the Audio Player: I just listen to the first one, then it stops playing? • If I select all the files of the filelist, then right button => play files: Perfect. I can listen to all the tracks one after another. Thanks 4 all, regards, Richy
  2. hi everybody, searching on the Forum about the Audio Tags, I found the post you can see above. I think that a new, important (and usefull) feature for CDBXP would be the possibility of editing the filenames (tags) in the file list, for a better presentation on the CD / DVD burned. Thanks - hasta pronto
  3. Hi Flo! I'm not able to find the latest English version of the original English resx file, for comparing with my translation... Could you tell me, please? Thanks, cu Richy
  4. Hi Marco, thanks for response. The new feature was already added and is working fine on the latest CDBurnerXP release, you just have to drag and drop all the files over the player.. Regards, Richy
  5. Hi Flo, the following isn't an error message, is it? => "The language files are UTF-8 encoded, avoid manual editing if You are not sure that your editor supports UTF-8 Syntax for \ are \\ and for line feed type \n in single line edit fields" I see that on each page which I click on "Show missing" (while looking for some spanish string not translated yet) Thanks - Regards, Richy, PS: The CDBXP es_es translation file was updated too
  6. Hi Developer... I just wanted to ask you for a "one feature" more if it's possible: I'd need that the Audio Player of CDBurnerXP were able to play the song's list complete before burning... Because I think a lot of people like me, sometimes download each file "individual", and before recording, you must listen to them, for the possible errors that they could have... What do you think? PS: I don't want to use the CDBurnerXP as a media player, I really do need the feature for that cuestion above, congratulations and thank you for your time, Richy C@nello - Argentine superichy@gma
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