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  1. It didn't help me though. Both IDE channels are set to use "DMA if available". The primary channel has: Current Transfer Mode: Ultra DMA Mode 5. The second channel has Ultra DMA Mode 2. I still get some very slow .iso image burns. Would it make any difference if I choose "Disk at Once" vs "Session at Once (add more files later)"? (That's the only default setting I changed.)
  2. 8x is not supposed to take an hour! It'll take me half an hour to confirm the integrity of the disk. Why doens't CDBurnerXP have the Verify data after burn option when burning from an iso? It can do it for data compilations. If it helps, I'm using a lenovo R61 ThinkPad with an LG Electronics "HL-DT-DVDRAM GMA-4082N" ultrabay multiburner.
  3. I can confirm the problem. I recently burned a KNOPPIX DVD from an image. It took about 11 minutes (it said 8x 11 080 KB/s). I booted up in KNOPPIX and tested the disk with the included test utility. It took about 30 minutes to tell me everything looks okay, so I'm pretty sure there were no errors at that speed. I booted back up in windows and I decided to burn another one using the SAME IMAGE using the SAME SETTINGS with another DVD from the SAME SPOOL. So far it's been 38 mins and it's only at 67% And with another 14 minutes to go! What happened!? I've occasionally noticed similar pr
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